J-MOUNT™ Phone Mount

J-Mount phone holder

Introducing Our New J-Mount Phone Mounts: Rugged, Strong, and Easy to Use.

We are thrilled to give you a sneak peek of our latest product: the J-Mount Phone Mounts. Our phone mounts are designed with vibration dampening in mind, using a TPE rubber holder and a patented TPU plastic baseplate combination. This design provides a sturdy mounting surface while keeping the product lightweight and preserving all the benefits of a silicone housing.

Our phone mounts are engineered to be tough and durable, making them ideal for use in all applications, including challenging off-road trails. At the same time, we have made sure that the mounts are easy to use and require no tools when placing your phone inside the mount.

The phone mounts have undergone extensive testing, including on-road, off-road, extreme enduro, and motocross track testing, to ensure they can withstand even the toughest conditions. We offer multiple sizes to fit your specific phone perfectly, and our mounts are designed to accommodate a cover, so you don’t have to remove your phone’s current cover. by changing the thickness of your cover you can create a fit within the phone mount to be to your liking

The first two phone mounts are designed for an iPhone 7 Plus with a UAG cover (inside dimensions of mount: 164.5mm x 82.5mm x 12mm) and the Samsung S20 with a UAG cover (157.7mm x 74.5mm x 13.5mm). Due to the soft, stretchy nature of our rubber compound, you can fit alternative phones in the same mounts, provided their dimensions are roughly the same. We will soon release a fitment guide to help you choose the mount that best suits your phone. Our large and medium sizes will fit most phone sizes, and we will introduce an extra-large and small version in the future to cater to even more phone sizes.


Our phone mount features a flat baseplate with a range of mounting holes, allowing you to mount your phone in portrait or landscape mode, as well as off-center if you need to make space for other mountings. You can easily mount the phone on any flat surface, and it also comes with the standard J-mount handlebar mount, which allows you to attach it to a 30mm handlebar.

The J-Mount phone mount is rugged and strong suitable to all conditions needed. The mount can be used for any vehicle and by pairing the mount with different mounting options you can create the perfect setup. some setups that we have tested include mounting the phone mount using cable ties to a touring bicycle which is secure due to the flat baseplate of the mount being encapsulated in rubber so you can cable tie it onto any flat surface 

Another setup we use daily is to combine the J-mount phone mount with a Ram mount for our vehicles, this enables you to mount your phone center in the car for all your navigational needs.

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