J-Mount Tablet Mount

J-Mount Tablet mount

We are excited to introduce our new J-Mount Tablet Mount, designed specifically for a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7″ – the mount has an inside dimension of 212.5mm x 124.5mm x 8.2mm – for use with Electronic Road Book Navigation. The aim was to create an entry-level system for use on any motorcycle to take part in a roadbook event. 

Based on the same principle applied to all our products of vibration dampening, our tablet mount features a TPE rubber holder with our patented TPU plastic baseplate combination, providing a rigid mounting surface while keeping the product lightweight and retaining all the benefits of a silicone housing.

Our tablet mount is perfect for Road Book rally and long-distance traveling use, where a digital road book or large screen navigation device is preferred. 

tablet mount used to make rally roadbook

We used the Johnston Moto Rally handlebar arms to raise the tablet for increased visibility while navigating a Roadbook. This is a typical Rally-Light setup. You may also use a RAM mount system or mount on any flat surface or directly to the handlebar. Whatever suits you.

Like our phone mounts, we prioritized designing a rugged, strong mount suitable for all applications, including the toughest off-road trails. With no tools required, mounting your tablet inside the J-mount is easy and hassle-free.

Below is an example of the Rally-Light setup combining the J-mount Tablet mount with our cross bar mounting kit as well as the Johnston Moto rally arms to raise the device.

We have extensively tested our tablet mount to ensure it can withstand even the toughest conditions, making it the perfect companion for any adventure. This included over 1000km in the Rock desert of the Richtersveld. Our mount features one size, which is specific to a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7″, ensuring a perfect fit for your device. Other tablets of the same size will also work.

The tablet mount has a flat baseplate with an arrangement of mounting holes that allow you to mount your tablet in both portrait and landscape modes, as well as off-center if you need to make space for other mountings. You can easily mount it on any flat surface and also combine it with your favorite mounting devices.

One such option is to pair the J-mount tablet mount with a Ram mount giving you a large screen mounted center in your vehicle to use for navigation.

Another setup worth testing is combining the J-Mount Tablet mount with our   cross bar mounting kit to create a large format navigational screen for your GS touring bike, the perfect addition for comfort on your adventures.

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